Name:            Alfonso JARAMILLO-ROSALES

Citizenship:     Spain

ORCID:          0000-0002-6313-9689   Scopus: 18437144500   WOS ResearcherID:      G-4257-2013


2007                 Dr. habil. Biology, Habilitation Diriger les Recherches (HDR), Univ. Paris-Sud XI (France).

1999                 Ph.D. Theoretical Physics (S. Cum Laude), Univ. Valencia (Spain).

1993                 M.Sc. Theoretical Physics (2 years), U. Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain).

1991                 B.Sc. Physics (3 years) with major in Theoretical Physics (2 years), U. Barcelona (Spain).

Current positions

2021 –              Investigador Cientifico CSIC (Spain). i2sysbio (Valencia, Spain). Tenured (funcionario). Full-time position.

2015 –              Directeur de Recherche classe 2 (equivalent to Full Professor, but without teaching duties). CNRS(France). Genoscope (Evry). Tenured. Full-time position. On leave (fonctionnaire en détachement).

2021 –              Honorary Professor of Synthetic Biology, University of Warwick (UK). School of Life Sciences.

Previous positions

2013 – 2021      Professor of Synthetic Biology (tenured, Full Professor position), University of Warwick (UK). School of Life Sciences. Tenured. Full-time position.

2017 – 2020      Visiting Professor University of Valencia (Spain). Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio). Part-time position.

2009 – 2015      Charge Recherche Classe 1 (equivalent to Associate Professor but without teaching duties, tenured), CNRS(France). Consultant (Charge de Mission) Genopole & U. Evry

2003 – 2009      Lecturer (Maître de conferences), tenured in 2005, Ecole Polytechnique (France). Dept. Biology. Laboratoire de Biochimie.

2002 – 2003      Postdoc, Université Louis Pasteur (France). Karplus Lab (Chemistry Nobel 2013)

                          06/2003-09/2003 Harvard University (USA). Dept. Chemistry & Chem. Biol. Karplus Lab.

1999 – 2002      Postdoc, Univ. Libre Bruxelles (Belgium). S.C.M. Biol. et Bioinformatique. Wodak Lab.

1994 – 1999      Research & teaching assistant, University of Valencia (Spain). Dept. Theoretical Physics.

                          Served 13 months full-time at Spanish military/civil service (1996-1997).

1993 – 1994      Research Engineer, Centre Supercomputacio de Catalunya, CESCA, (Spain).

1991 – 1992      Research assistant, U. Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain). Inst. Fisica Altas Energias.

Teaching Activities

2021 – 2022      Graduate teaching. Master on Integrative Synthetic Biology UIMP-CSIC (Spain)

2014 – 2017      Graduate teaching. CDT Synthetic Biology, U. Oxford (UK)

2014 – 2021      (Under)graduate teaching, School of Life Sciences, U.Warwick (300h/year incl. tutorials)

2010 – 2012      Co-founder mSSB master and yearly teaching, U. Evry, (France),

2014 – 2017      MSc Y1 level- Bioinformatics, Ecole Polytechnique (France)

2004 – 2008      MSc Y2 level- Molecular modelling, Ecole Polytechnique (France)

1997 – 1998      Teaching Assistant, Theoretical Phys. Dept, U. Valencia (Spain)

Invited graduate teachings: Telecom Sud Paris (France), U. Cantabria (Spain), U. Politecnica Madrid (Spain)


I have supervised 77 young scientists in the last 10 years:

  • 24 undergraduate students, 18 master students, 15 PhD students, 12 postdocs, 6 technicians, 3 project managers, 1 tenured lecturer (maître de conferences).
  • The trainees had leading roles in our publications (as shown in my selection of 5 publications).
  • The trainees participated (minimum once per year) in international conferences (in some cases all of them going to the synthetic biology conferences in ETH Zurich, Hong Kong, Stanford, London) and research meetings. This includes 2 PhD students visiting the Weizmann Institute for short research visits.
  • The trainees had the opportunity of doing long research stays (> 1 week): 3 PhD students, 5 stays (totalling 3 moths/students) to MIT (Labs Drew Endy, Tom Knight, Kristala Prather and Jim Collins). 1 PhD student, 2 stays (totalling 1 month) to UCSD (Jeff Hasty). 1 PhD student, 1 stay at T.U. Munich (Fritz Simmel).
  • Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culture encourages an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurship culture. 2 PhD students have been finalists for MIT-review innovator under 35. 1 PhD student founded the DIYbio community of France and now it became the largest biohacker space in the world.

I have supervised many PhD students at overseas institutions due to the close collaborations I had as part of my European consortia.

PhD supervisions

Research Management

  • Founding member (co-PI) of: 1) the Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology (France) and 2) Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre (UK). Member of their management boards.
  • Coordinator of the EU consortia FP6 BioModularH2 and FP7 EVOPROG. Scientific coordinator FP7 BACTOCOM.

International Networking

  • PI founding member of the SynBioNT and MATEs (BBSRC, UK) Synthetic Biology networks
  • PI member European networks Synthetic Biology EMERGENCE (FP6) & TARPOL (FP7)
  • Coordinator bilateral collaboration MIT-France (funded by MIT, USA. 2007)
  • Coordinator bilateral collaboration Alliance Program (funded by U. Columbia, USA. 2007)
  • Coordinator bilateral collaboration Indo-French CEFIPRA (funded by France & India, 2009-2010)
  • PHC French bilateral partnerships: Germany: Franco-Bavarian (2011), Portugal: PHC-Pessoa (2008-2009), Spain: PHC-Picasso (2008-2009).

Organisation of Scientific conferences

  • Co-organiser of the 2nd International BioDesign Research Conference, Virtual, December 2021.
  • Co-organiser of the 1st International BioDesign Research Conference, Virtual, December 2020.
  • Chair of the Phage-based Technologies Against AMR Conference, Stratford-upon-Avon, 2016.
  • Chair of Summer School- Technologies for Synthetic Biology and Directed Evolution, Warwick 2015.
  • Chair steering committee International Conference in Synthetic Biology, Evry December 2010.
  • Elected co-chair 1st and 2nd European Conference on Synthetic Biology (2009, 2011).
  • Main co-chair of the “Groupe de Travail New tools for Synthetic Biology”, at Genopole (Evry. France), which organised 10 workshops during the years 2008-2009.

Commissions of trust 

2019 –             Co-Editor-in-Chief BioDesign Research (AAA Science).

2018 –              Acreditación ANECA Catedrático Universidad (Ciencias). Habilitating for full professorship in public universities of Spain.

2016 –              Editor for Europe of the Journal of Biological Engineering (Springer-Nature).

2013 –              Editorial board member of ACS Synthetic Biology.

2017                 Member of Ambassadors for Science program by the Spanish Ministry.

2017                 Main co-guest Editor of special Current Opinion in Biotechnology  .

2015 – 2017      BBSRC Pool panel member committee D.

2013 – 2015      Member of the ERASynBio Twinning Program committee.

2009,   2011      Main co-guest Editor of two special issues of the Biotechnology Journal .

2009 – 2010      Editorial board member of Journal of Biological Engineering.

2009 –               Editorial board member of IET Systems Biology.

2008 – 2010      Member advisory committee of “Towards a European Strategy for Synthetic Biology”.

2006 – 2009      Editor IET Synthetic Biology.

Reviewer for 10 foreign funding agencies (including ERC Starting, Consolidator and Advanced) and 20+ journals. More than 50 invited talks, 9 as keynote, at international conferences and advanced schools.

Leadership of international consortia 

2013 – 2016      FP7 EVOPROG- General-Purpose Programmable Evolution Machine on a Chip, coordinator

Partners: Prof. Alfonso Rodriguez Paton (U.Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), Prof. Mark Isalan (ICL, UK), Prof. Victor de Lorenzo (CSIC, Spain), Prof. Lee Cronin (U. Glasgow, UK),

2010 – 2013      FP6 BACTOCOM- bacterial computing with engineered populations, scientific coordinator.

Partners: Prof. Martyn Amos (Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy, UK), Prof. Nils Blüthgen (U. Berlin, Germany), Prof. Alfonso Rodríguez-Patón (U. Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), Prof. Fernando de la Cruz (U. Cantabria, Spain), Prof. Dr. Friedrich C. Simmel (U. Technischen München, Germany)

2008 – 2010      FP6 BIOMODULARH2- Engineered Modular Bacterial Photoproduction of Hydrogen, coordinator.

Partners: Prof. Javier Urchueguia (U. Politecnica de Valencia, Spain), Prof. Phillip C. Wright (U. Sheffield, UK), Prof. Peter Lindblad (U. Uppsala, Sweden), Prof. Paula Tamagnini (IBMC, Portugal), Prof. Dan S. Tawfik (Weizmann Institute, Israel)

2011                  Franco-Bavarian. Partners: Prof. Friedrich C. Simmel (T.U. Munich, Germany)

2009 – 2010      Indo-French CEFIPRA. Partners: Prof. Pramod Wangikar (IIT Bombay, India), Prof. Franck Chauvat (CEA, France)

2008 – 2009      PHC-Pessoa Portugal. Partners: Prof. Paula Tamagnini (U. Porto, Portugal)

2008 – 2009      PHC-Picasso Spain. Partners: Prof. Jose Manuel Sanchez-Ruiz (U. Granada, Spain)

2007                  MIT-France (funded by MIT, USA). Partners: Prof. Kristala Prather (MIT, USA)

2007                  Alliance Program (funded by U. Columbia, USA). Partners: Prof. Scott Banta (Columbia U.)

Advisory roles

Advisor to: The French Academy of Engineering, OECD Biotechnology, Biosecurity French Ministry of Defence and French Parliament, French Minister of Research, General Consulate of France (Boston), and European Roadmap of Synthetic Biology.


2019                  GENEWIZ Week 2019 2nd Place Grant Winner

2017                  Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology

2015                  Invited chair: Synthetic Biology Congress (London)

2015                  BBSRC Pool panel member committee D

2012                  3rd price Gen9 G-Prize Contest 2012 (Cambridge MA, USA)

2012                  First price Best Model at iGEM 2012 European Jamboree (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

2009                  Invited Professor Univ. d’Evry (France). January-September

2008                 Qualification aux fonctions de Professeur des Universites (sections CNU 31, “Chimie théorique, physique, analytique”, and CNU 64, “Biochimie, biologie moléculaire”)

2007                  First price for Foundational Research at iGEM 2007 Jamboree (MIT, USA)

2006                  External faculty BIFI institute (U. Zaragoza, Spain)

2007                  Best poster award at the International Conference on Synthetic Biology SB3.0 (Zurich)

2006                  Distinguished invited researcher award Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV)

2005                  Distinguished invited researcher award UPV

2004                  Visiting Professor U. Toronto (Canada)

2001                  Best scientific monograph award. Redes (Televisión Española internacional)

1995                  IVEI PhD fellowship (IVEI, Spain)