EVOPROG Software and Hardware

We will be sharing a number of procedures and components used throughout the project with the public in this page.Files with our designes can be downloaded, 3D-printed and assembled in any laboratory.

Please note: all work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Source files are available on request contactig the authors.

Incubator and Multi-Bioreactor AssemblingThese folders include a detailed set of assembling instructions, BOM and CAD files for assemblingfully operational incubator including up to 15 vessels for the continuous cell culture.Incubator_Assembling_v1-4.zipVessels&Lids_Assembling_v1-1.ziplids.jpg
Experimental SetupThis folder introduces the experimentator to the setup and procedures for the experiment. Important aspects of the setup are described. For the theoretical background the user is referred to the literature on the special subjects.Some footnotes are included to guide the experimentator to operate specific version of the machine. Cleaning&Starting_Procedures_v1-2.zip
Simple Valve
A simple, low-cost pinch valve is our first shared component. Instructions on how to assemblethe and control the vale are included in this folder. simplevalve.rar simplevalve.zip
Video of our programmable multi-bioreactor for the continuous evolution of phage-like particles. Turbidostats hosting uninfected E. coli cells feeding cellstats (bioreactor where the phage evolves). The bioreactor can execute general purpose programs, like for self-cleaning or for complicated mixtures where phages have to switch bioreactors for additional selective pressures.

3D Printing and DIY comunity

We wish to exchange our experience and deigns with DIY comunity. We use 3D printing for fabricating our custom bioreactors that have unique hardware and software solutions not available on the market, and also to substuntially reduce the cost of the components, which is important when expanding the array of reactors.

3D printed parts and components

Designs from the DIY community, that have inspired us:

Our 3D printer Ultimaker 2 has been customised using components designed by the 3D printing community, including: