Job Opportunity: Postodc position at the De Novo Synthetic Biology Lab

About Our Lab:

At the De Novo Synthetic Biology Lab, directed by Prof. Alfonso Jaramillo, we are at the forefront of therapeutics and synthetic biology. Our research endeavors focus on engineering synthetic organisms, particularly bacteriophages (phages), as novel solutions against antibiotic-resistant threats. We’re pioneering the genetic embedding of artificial intelligence within living cells, enabling them to adapt and evolve through reinforcement learning. 

Our mission moves forward by establishing methodologies that allow us to design unique biological molecules, phages, and cells. Combining computational methods with experimental automated  techniques, we’ve notably designed RNA, proteins, and gene circuits. Our lab also explores phage transduction, evolutionary techniques, and continuous culture bioreactors to accelerate evolution in the lab.

Position: Synthetic Biologist

Location: i2sysbio-CSIC. Valencia (Spain)

Salary & Contract:

      • Base Salary: 30,000 Euros (additional salary components based on Master’s degree experience).

      • Contract Type: Indefinite duration, not permanent.

    Main Responsibilities:

    – Design and optimize genetic circuits using selections in mutant libraries.

    – Lead recombineering technologies.

    – Lead protein engineering and directed evolution in continuous culture bioreactors.

    – Responsible for large-scale DNA assembly experiments.

    – Oversee integration of automation in experimental continuous culture workflows.

    – Guide and supervise researchers: protocols, problem-solving, ensure documentation quality and use of LIMS.

    – Communicate scientific findings, document daily on the internal wiki, and oversee contributions.

    Skills, Experience, and Qualifications:

    – Ph.D. in a related field, highlighting research excellence.

    – Proficiency in gene circuits, recombineering, directed evolution, or protein engineering.

    – Experience or deep knowledge with DNA assembly methods.

    – Skill in genomic dataset analysis or readiness to learn autonomously.

    – Familiarity with computational modeling to direct experimental protocols.

    – Excellent problem-solving skills, a resilient work ethic, and a taste for tackling complex challenges.

    – English fluency with effective scientific communication.

    The Ideal Candidate:

    We seek not just a synthetic biologist, but a world-changer. If you have a burning ambition to impact the world and unwavering confidence in your abilities, we want you. While skills are essential, we value commitment to excellence and intrinsic drive more.

    How to Apply:

    While there’s no set deadline, we’ll review applications until the position is filled. To apply: 1) Visit and discover our work. Reflect on what resonates with you. 2) Send your CV and cover letter to In your letter, detail how you fit our requirements and highlight what excites you about our lab.